Thankful Thursday


Thankful Thursday

Today is my first Thursday as a blogger and I wanted to reserve it for my “Thankful Thursday” posts.  It’s so important to remember the things we have and not dwell on the things we don’t.  This morning I am thankful for coffee!  We have been through every coffee maker from a your standard drip pot to a Bosch Tassimo and have finally found the perfect  formula for a delicious cup of coffee.  Interestingly enough it’s not any more or less expensive than your other options.  Just takes a little more time and patience first thing in the morning.

The most important part of your formula is the fresh whole beans.  Don’t buy the grounds or grind your beans at the store.  Instead opt for the fresh whole beans.  We usually buy ours from the local Sprouts, but this variety from HEB is quite delicious itself.  I usually pour the beans into a bag of my own as opposed to buying the beans already in a bag.  Either way be mindful they need to be used within a few weeks for optimal freshness.  Once you have your beans of choice you need a grinder.  We chose the Krups 203-42 Fast Touch Coffee Grinder, Black which also allows me to use it for grinding up beans and spices.  And your last tool is an air press.  Now my husband is the bigger coffee lover in our house so he spent many hours researching the best coffee press and settled on the Aerobie AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker.

Once you have all of your tools it’s time to get started.  Make sure you don’t grind up your beans until about 5-10 minutes before for optimal freshness.  We choose to make espresso and then add more hot water.  Being a smaller press, it takes up less space (which I love in my already small kitchen), but also makes it difficult to press an entire cup of coffee.  It still tastes delicious!  I choose to only add a splash of 2% milk in mine, while my husband adds half and half.  Occasionally I add a dash of cinnamon as I once read it’s good for keeping skin oils at bay.

The main reason I am so thankful for coffee in the morning is having something to look forward to when grumpily getting out of bed.  Because of my hypothyroid medicine I can’t eat until an hour after I wake up.  Being someone who is always STARVING when I wake up this has been a difficult transition for me.  Having a delicious cup of coffee to tide me over has made it much more bearable.  It may seem like a very small thing to be thankful for, but I believe it starts me on a path of happiness each and every morning.  What you thankful for?

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