A Good Butt-Kickin’


Unfortunatly for me I get extremely bored with exercising indoors.  I try to do a video series for awhile and after about 1-2 weeks I’m bored with the repetition.  If it wasn’t so darn hot here (high of 104 degrees today) I could exercise outdoors.  J-Man (the husband) and I used to ride bikes and run outside all the time in college.  Sacramento has awesome bike trails along the river and actually offers a good chunk of the year up for outdoor exercise.  Needless to say I’ve fallen off my extremely fit wagon and am slowly trying to get back on.  Which brings me to an AWESOME new blog I found that offers great cardio and Pilates conditioning workouts. Blogilates is a food and fitness blog where the author Cassey Ho talks not only about her healthy food and fitness recommendations, but also posts her fitness videos.  This morning I tried out her Pop Cardio: BODYPOP! Bodyweight HIT Workout and had my butt thoroughly kicked.  You are supposed to do it four times to get in hour workout.  Needless to say I only made it through three and was whimpering by the end.  All I have to say is 100 seconds of planks. PER. SET. AHHH!  Afterwards I had to move the laundry into the dryer.  Man oh man am I shaking like crazy!  So if you’re looking for a good butt-kickin’ and some new videos to mix up your workout routine, check out Cassey on her website above and her YouTube Channel The Original Pop Pilates as well.

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