Review: Progressive Multiple Cherry Pitter


While purchasing a KitchenAid Food Processor this morning, I also stumbled upon the Progressive International Multiple Cherry Pitter and was instantly sold.  I can pit four cherries at once.  From this moment on baking with cherries could(and would) be so much easier.

The top of the pitter has a lock which you can slide into place when closed.  That way you won’t accidentally reach into it and cut your hand.  I’m not sure how that could happen, but better safe than sorry.

Pitting is super easy, you set the four cherries into the tray(which can be reversed for smaller cherries or olive) and push down on the top until it punches out those pits.

The container underneath holds the pits, which only needed to be dumped out once every 24 cherries.  There is also a handy little scoop on the sides of the removable tray that help scrape out the pits.

Overall a very worthwhile gadget.  I didn’t have any complaints, other than size.   It was easy to clean; just place it in the top rack of your dishwasher.  Being a littler larger than a normal single cherry pitter it doesn’t fit in my kitchen drawer, but is easily stored in a cabinet/pantry.  Not sure how often I will need to use it, but it certainly cuts down prep time.The last time I made a cherry crumble I pitted each individual cherry.  I think my fingernails were stained purple for a week.  Whether you pit by hand or use a pitter, it’s worth the effort for a tasty cherry pie!

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